Tuesday, February 24, 2009



Jonathan said...

I would pay you to make me a skateboard with a camera mount on it. Make it look really cool too. A long board like this one. we could get some smooth low footage on it.
anyway i am doing some early promoting for the show in November. you can send it like its hot to whomever you want.

I thought that you might be interested in seeing a show at the Creative gallery in November.
The show is unique in that it is a strictly film show. I have been shooting a bunch of movie loops in super-8 format. I am working with the Arthole collective to make the installation especially exciting. The focus revolves around Cincinnati, in a 1st person view walking around the city. Its sure to be a fun experience so save the date November 27th starting at 8pm. Its around thanksgiving so bring your families and friends too.
The title is still a work in progress.
thank you

Jonathan said...

there is a coffee shop/bar/venue in Louisville that would like to show this. I am taking a snowboard down.
Let me know if you want to show this too. I think it is cool enough to.